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My path to yoga began with fitness, yet I've discovered that the true beauty of yoga is deeper than the benefits that we see in the body. 


In the private and public yoga classes that I lead in the Chicago area, I offer a strenuous and safe practice, while always challenging 

you to get more than a workout.                                        

- Marcy Caron

Yoga for Fitness & Beyond

Find Marcy

I teach private groups and 1-on-1 sessions in my private studio, and at studios and companies. I am also busy with my own practice and learn every day.

Practice Yoga at Home

Whether you are one of my clients or just need some guidance, warm up with side body, low back, and other stretches. Use these videos when you're traveling, at home, or just can't make it to class.

Get More Than a Sweat

At the end of each of my classes,
I offer a thought for a little inspiration. These are some thoughts, yoga resources, and playlists that inspire me. 

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