"The Beauty of Marcy is that she is always learning and expanding her yoga practice and as a result I love going to yoga."


  • Over 7,500 yoga classes taught (and counting!).

  • I hang out with other yogis at a weekly yogi 'play group' for sharing ideas and experiences.

  • I'm fortunate to study and learn yoga therapeutics for the last 3 years with Gabriel Halpern at Yoga Circle.

  • Asana Junkies webinars with Christina Sell help me to constantly challenge myself with 150+ teachers.

  • Inspired by Wade Gotwals and Rich Logan.

  • 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified. 

Marcy with Gabriel Halpern of Yoga Circle.

I began my yoga practice in 1997, and yoga transformed my life. I love helping others to make a difference in their lives every day through the practice of yoga. 


I seek out new ways to learn. Practicing with others inspires me to be a better yogi, a better teacher, and a better person. I'm happy with the work I've done and always eager to grow.

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